Client Feedback

The following comments were made by clients who received Employee Assistance Program counselling for Stratos. Stratos has collected this feedback independently and if requested anonymously.

"You have a very committed counsellor, able to seek the core issues and suggest concrete methods to deal with the residue of these issues. I found her sessions valuable and rewarding. Although initially very sceptical, my view of counselling has changed"

"First time I have used this service and would certainly see this psychologist if I needed to. She was so friendly and yet professional, easy to talk with and was able to facilitate me seeing issues with more clarity and focus. Thank you so much Karolle!"

"Very helpful during a very difficult time. Now I am enthusiastic about the future".

"I found the counselling to be extremely helpful. It has been good to be able to discuss issues and work out solutions".

"Thank you - Karolle is highly competent, warm, knowledgeable and efficient".

"I'm most impressed with Karolle have gained in two session such a lot for myself & just feel so relaxed during and especially after my session. Thank you very much"

"I found counsellor very helpful and would definitely recommend her to anyone in need".

"She made me feel safe to talk about what was going on in my life and she is really helping me".

"From the first time I came to see you I instantly felt comfortable, safe and supported. You are truly an incredible, caring and compassionate person with a great gift. Thank you doesn't even begin to express how much I appreciate everything."

Longer term clients' feedback (given directly to me, not anonymously with permission to publish)

"Karolle offers a safe, supportive and encouraging environment in which to deeply explore issues that require attention, resolution or change. Karolle has helped me feel accepted, valued and loved at all stages of my personal journey, even at the lowest most difficult and frightening times. I am eternally grateful for the healing her relationship with me has provided. Karolle has assisted me in making an incredible transformation."

"Karolle was recommended to me after many years of dealing with an anxiety issue, and she saved my life. From my very first session I felt a comfortable connection. Karolle maintained a supportive environment within which I felt safe to explore deep emotional issues underlying my anxiety.

With her compassionate, kind, calm and understanding manner Karolle gently and skillfully guided me on a journey of self discovery assisting me to deal with my issues.

I consider myself very fortunate for the experience I have had working with Karolle and I would wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone who is considering seeing a psychologist. "

"I came to you as one of those patients most people would refuse to see. Too many problems, too hard, too complex. Child abuse, rape, marital abuse, abuse in hospital. Abuse upon abuse upon abuse. But you did not see the problems - you saw a person. You saw through all the problems to a person who was infinitely valuable. You carried the hope for me when I had none. From day 1, you treated me as an cared about what mattered to me. You were always professional."

Shorter term clients' feedback

"Your work is excellent; I finally feel like a stick of rock with the word Adam going all the way thru."

"I can now accept and continue living...I have let go and truly believe in myself.... thank you so much for enabling and empowering me...I love the "new me"..

"Thank you for your help in talking me through my issues. I haven't revisited those thoughts or anxieties at all since I saw you. Thank you :.