How I Work

My approach is individually tailored to each client. Sessions focus on what is important to my clients and the outcomes they want.

I work in a facilitative and collaborative way using an integrative approach which has evolved from training in a range of modalities and many years of clinical experience.

Primarily I use:

  • mindfulness* as a central foundation of my work
  • mind/body holistic approaches
  • cognitive/ behavioural principles
  • schema/ core beliefs
  • trauma resolution including EMDR
  • focussing
  • psychodynamic principles

* mindfulness is defined by a state of awarenss characterised by attention to present experience with an non-judgemental attitude of open curiosity and compassion

Core Principles of My Work

  • Every person deserves to be heard with an attitude of compassion and acceptance.
  • Pathologising and judging people is not helpful.
  • Our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health are integrally connected.
  • Focussing on the causes of symptoms is more effective than just trying to eliminate symptoms.
  • Symptoms are often messages that there is imbalance or unmet needs.
  • Symptoms can present an opportunity to explore unhelpful beliefs, especially those operating automatically.
  • Core beliefs about ourselves and our world develop in the early years of life and can operate unconsciously.
  • Core beliefs that are not helpful often lead to habitual patterns of behaviour that can be limiting and self-defeating.
  • Increasing self-awareness and an understanding of our core beliefs increases our ability to make different choices and have different outcomes.
  • Emotional processing of issues can lead to reduction of symptoms and more positive feelings about self and life.
  • The body holds bottled up and unresolved emotions, often impacting on health and wellbeing.
  • Life crises can be powerful times for psychological growth.
  • Crises provide the opportunity to expand awareness and increase capacity for happiness and fulfilment in life.
  • Everyone has strengths and vulnerabilities. It is possible to increase strengths and minimise vulnerabilities.
  • When a therapeutic space is created, which is safe, with acceptance and curiosity, it allows a person to access deeper levels of awareness, emotions and parts of self that are not normally experienced.

Will Therapy Help Me?

Here's a few questions to ask yourself that may help:

Do you experience patterns in your life that you recognise as limiting but can't seem to change?

Do you find yourself stuck in ways of reacting to people or events in your life that give you the same unsatisfactory results?

Do you feel a bit numb to life?

Have you had some counselling and gained some insights but it hasn't lead to significant change in your life?

Do you feel like there are aspects of yourself that don't get heard or have been shut down?

Are you affected or feel haunted by past traumatic events in your life?

Do you have physical symptoms that doctors haven't found a reason for and that may have emotional causes?

Have you been on anti-depressant medication for some time and would like to reduce or come of it, but don't know how to do this safely?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, psychotherapy could be helpful.

Please email me if you have questions.